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J&D Enterprises PTY.LTD.   

This program is an absolute must for Professional Breeders and Aviary Enthusiasts alike!            Break.jpg (806 bytes)

Aviary Manager 3, The ultimate tool in Avairy Management Software. Available to download. Here. Click HERE or the  Download your Free 30-Day Full Version.Break.jpg (806 bytes)

Aviary Manager, Making Aviary Management Easy! 

Click Here To Download The Full Version 30-Day  Trial of Aviary Manager 3.

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Break.jpg (806 bytes)Aviary Managerę is an IBM Compatible software program designed for the bird keeper and not the computer expert. The entire program is fully menu driven so no need of computer knowledge is necessary. The program is WINDOWS 95/98 Compatable. Aviary Managerę is the simplest and yet most powerful software program designed especially for the aviculture enthusiast.Break.jpg (806 bytes)


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