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It's here! Now Available on the Internet. Australia's most leading computer software that lets you access and maintain all the information you need to know about your birds and aviary with the click of the mouse. Easy!

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Aviary Manager, Making Aviary Management Easy!

Simple And Easy User Interface.

Detailed Online Help.

Statistics Displayed Easily.

Easy to use Menu System

And so much more!

Aviary Managerę is an IBM Compatible software program designed for the bird keeper and not the computer expert. The entire program is fully menu driven so no need of computer knowledge is necessary. The program is WINDOWS Based and will also run under Windows3.x and Windows 95/98. Aviary Managerę is the simplest and yet most powerful software program designed especially for the aviculture enthusiast.

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Aviary Manager 3 System Requirements:

  • A PC Running Microsoft Windows 95 or higher.
  • Pentium 75 CPU or higher.
  • 16 MB RAM or higher.
  • Mouse.
  • 256 Colours or higher supported.
  • 10 MB of hard drive space.

Screen Shot of Aviary Manager 3.

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Fully Mouse Driven. Easier and Quicker!


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