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Aviary Manager 3 Features Include:

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bul.jpg (989 bytes)  Ideal for all Caged Birds.

Bul.jpg (989 bytes) Comprehensive costing program

bul.jpg (989 bytes)  Family Tree displays.

bul.jpg (989 bytes)  Very easy to use User Interface.

bul.jpg (989 bytes)  Mating Statistics and Displays

bul.jpg (989 bytes)  Fully Mouse Driven

bul.jpg (989 bytes)  List Birds By (Species, Cages, Ring etc.)

Bul.jpg (989 bytes)   Online Manual and Help Files

bul.jpg (989 bytes) Unlimited Medical Records.

bul.jpg (989 bytes)  Fully Windows Compliant

bul.jpg (989 bytes)  Nesting Box Labels and Certificates

bul.jpg (989 bytes)  Online Help with Phone Support.

Screen shots of Aviary Manager 3. Scroll down the page... And Click To ENLARGE Thumbnails.break.jpg (806 bytes)

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Easy To Use Interface. Detailed Help. Statistics Easily Displayed.

Aviary Manager 3. "Makes Aviary Managing Easy!"break.jpg (806 bytes)